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This website was conceptualized, designed and (most sections) written by Dr. Sumeet Shah, who also regularly maintains and updates the same. Dr. Sumeet Shah is a Consultant Surgical Oncologist, practising in Mumbai.

After having done his M.S.(General Surgery) from the Sir J.J.Group of Hospitals, Dr. Shah underwent a complete Senior Residency training in Surgical Oncology at the Tata Memorial Centre for 3 years, followed by a Fellowship in Surgical GI (GastroIntestinal) Oncology. He then served as a Lecturer in the GI Surgical Oncology at the Tata Memorial Centre. He left from Tata Memorial Centre in 2011 and is into his own private practice. He performs all major and supra major surgeries for solid organ cancers (head and neck cancers, breast cancer, GI cancers, gynecological and urogenital cancers etc.), his specialty being complete management of Breast cancer and Gastro Intestinal.

Apart from this passion for all types of cancer surgeries and protocol based approach to management of all different types of solid organ cancers, he also regularly conducts cancer awareness programmes for various groups of people and is actively working in area of generating cancer awarenesss for the lay man.

Dr. Sumeet Shah

+91 93222 37630

Dr. Neena Bhatnagar

Dr. Neena Bhatnagar is a qualified Genetic Counsellor practising in Mumbai. Apart from breast cancer, she also deals with varieties of familial cancers and offers specialist counselling services to families suffering from cancers. She has written some of the divisions in the Hereditary breast cancer section.

Dr. Foram Gala

Dr. Foram Gala is a Consultant Radiologist, practising in Mumbai. She has done her Post Graduation in Radiology from the Tata Memorial Centre, where, apart from routine radiology, she has had an ample experience in CT and MRI, as also Intervention Radiology. Presently, she is working at a premiere Imaging Centre in Mumbai. Dr. Foram Gala has been an active contributor towards the content of this site. Apart from inputs in several sections, she has completely written the topics on diagnosis of breast cancer and symptoms of breast cancer.

Dr. Radhika Nair

Dr. Radhika Nair works as the Ramanujan Faculty Fellow at the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. SHe has a wealth of experience in the field of genetics, and earlier worked as the Senior Research Officer and a Conjoint Lecturer (Faculty of Medicine); at the Cancer Tumour Progression Group, The Kinghorn Cancer Centre at Sydney, Australia. She has written some of the divisions in the Hereditary Breast cancer section. Triple Negative Breast Cancer is her area of specialty research and she is donig a lot of work in the same. She can be contacted at

Dr. Rohit Malde

Dr. Rohit Malde is a Consultant Radiation Oncologist at the Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital, at Vile Parle, Mumbai. After having done his DNB in Radiation Oncology, Dr. Malde cleared the FRCR Examinations and then spent 5 years in the United Kingdom, having gained a wealth of experience there. He has now re settled in Mumbai. Dr. malde has written the sections of Radiation therapy for this site.