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... half the war won already!

Welcome to Breast Cancer India

Welcome to Breast Cancer India, your one stop site for all resource related to breast cancer in India. This site is managed by the NGO The Pink Initiative.

Cancer is a difficult journey, both for the one who is suffering as also their care givers. In our practice in India, we have noticed that this is all the more compounded by incorrect notions and incorrect ideas in the minds of people related to treatment of cancer. We firmly believe that having a correct knowledge of cancer and its treatment is half the war won already and helps those undergoing treatment and their care givers cope up with it better. Our endeavour is to provide right guidance and correct knowledge on everything related to BC.

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Online Community

Online Forum

Ours is the first (and probably the only) online 'Indian' breast cancer support forum, running since Jan 2013. Get all treatment related help and guidance from other survivors; share your experiences.

Indian Statistics

Indian Statistics

View and understand Indian statistics from the official sources, with a discussion on how breast cancer is massively rising in India, especially in all Indian cities. Also understand a global comparison

Hereditary Breast Cancers

Genetics Clinic

We run a Comprehensive Family Cancer Genetics Clinic in Mumbai, offering professional Genetic Counselling and Genetic Testing and all related specialty referrals. Read on more to get an appointment .




Find answers to all the common questions about breast cancer and its treatment, including questions about surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and others

Early detection of BC

Early Detection of BC

A Stitch in time saves nine. To improve survival, it is essential to detect breast cancer early. Read in detail on the guidelines on how to remain alert, and how to catch it early

Understand Breast Cancer

Understand BC

This section explains breast cancer in details, and all that you ever wanted to know, including causes, symptoms, risk factors, treatment options and selection of the same.

Survivor stories

Survivor Stories

Read inspiring stories of courage of those who have fought breast cancer. Also you can find is a review of books on cancer, which you can read.

I am HER2


I AM HER2 is a non profit initiative aimed to help patients who are HER 2 positive, guiding them about treatment, HER 2 support groups and finances.

The Pink Initiative

The Pink Initiative

The Pink Initiative is an Indian NGO working on breast cancer awareness and breast cancer patient support groups. Their website has lots of worthwhile information related to breast cancer in India.

What is our aim? is supported by The Pink Initiative, a registered NGO, working towards awareness of BC in India

The biggest problem facing India in the face, is lack of awareness of breast cancer (BC). If we wish to reduce the numbero f people dying from BC, it is essential to detect this early, for which, being aware about the symptoms of BC will play a very important role.

Women undergoing treatment of BC pass through a lot of emotional turmoil as also their near and dear ones. With an aim of encouraging sharing problems and providing solutions, by BC patients themselves, we started the first online Indian community for BC in 2013.

Our community:

Our Online Community