Correct information is .. half the war won already

Does this ring a bell?

  • Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women in India
  • One woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, in India, every 4 minutes
  • One woman dies of Breast cancer, in India, every 8 minutes
  • An estimated 70,218 women died of breast cancer in India, for the year 2012, the highest in the world for that year.
  • India has a predominant young population and hence the numbers of women being diagnosed with breast cancer is only going to increase.
  • India is seeing a spurt in the cases of breast cancer in the age group of 30 to 50 and the same is likely to increase

There is no end to such facts and figures. Breast cancer in India is reaching alarming proportions.

Moral of the story: Breast cancer cannot be prevented. If it has to happen, it will happen. However, the deaths due to breast cancer can definitely be reduced. And that can be done, only and only by being aware of symptoms of breast cancer and reporting to doctor on time. A stitch in time saves nine. Saves lives. Read on about early detection of breast cancer.

What is our aim?

Breast Cancer India is supported by The Pink Initiative, a registered NGO, working towards awareness of BC in Mumbai. Our aim, from this website, is to provide a comprehensive information on breast cancer, especially related to India and guidance on how to detect it early. Secondly, women undergoing treatment of BC pass through a lot of emotional turmoil as also their near and dear ones. With an aim of encouraging sharing problems and providing solutions, by BC patients themselves, we started the first online Indian community for BC in 2013. If you have any doubts, or wish to organize a consultation with our doctors in Mumbai, please feel free to write to us at


Online Forum

Ours is the first (and probably the only) online 'Indian' breast cancer support forum, running since Jan 2013. Get all treatment related help and guidance from other survivors; share your experiences.

Indian Statistics

View and understand Indian statistics from the official sources, with a discussion on how breast cancer is massively rising in India, especially in all Indian cities. Also understand a global comparison.

Lymphedema Exercises

Arm swelling or 'Lymphedema' is the one thing which almost all breast cancer patients, who have undergone a complete surgery in the arm pit, are likely to have. See what exercises can be done, to reduce the chances.

Youtube Channel

See videos explaining the symptoms of breast cancer, the signs to watch out for, discussion on treatment, discussion on common side effects and how to tackle, interviews of survivors, etc.

Timely Detection of BC

A Stitch in time saves nine. To improve survival, it is essential to detect breast cancer early. Read in detail on the guidelines on how to remain alert, and how to catch it early

Familial BC

6 to 8 percent (or probably even more) of all cases of breast cancers are likely to be hereditary, meaning, they can be passed on in the family from a mother to her children. Read on about same and what to do.


Risk Factors

What could be the possible factors causing breast cancer? Can we really change any of them to our advantage, to reduce the risks of developing this cancer? Read on.

Symptoms of BC

What are the common symptoms with which women diagnosed with breast cancer come to a doctor? Understand the symptoms and signs and learn how to identify them early, allowing early detection of cancer.

Diagnosis of BC

The different tests necessary to make a diagnosis (confirmation) of breast cancer, right from mammography to PET CT as well as other tests like core biopsy; which are necessary for staging.

Staging N Planning

Once the routine tests are done, a doctor stages the cancer. And depending on the stage, there are various treatment options, as well as the sequence of options which will be best, for that given stage.

Surgery for BC

Depending on the stage as well as patient choice, this could be a conservative surgery (breast preservation) or removal of breast. In both cases, there are excellent cosmetic reconstruction options available.


How do we tackle cancer cells which may possibly be moving in the blood or maybe even in the organs. It is these cells responsible for relapse of cancer. Chemotherapy is the way to kill them.

Radiation Therapy

Ionizing rays from outside are used to destroy all possible remnant cells in the area where a cancer surgery was performed. When to give this radiation and what are the side effects? Read on.

Hormone Treatment

There are certain hormone receptors in most breast cancers which allow binding of hormones which in turn lead to multiplication of cancer cells. How about if we could block these receptors?

Targeted Treatment

Newer technology and understanding of cancer has allowed us to identify targets of cancer at a genetic level, allowing us to design drugs which reach these targets and modify them and slow down cancer.

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